About me

It is very dear to me to touch people and their lifes in a way, which allows them to find their individual expression of who they are. My life taught me in many ways how powerful and unique our body is and how we can use it to become more real, to realize ourselves as part of the here and now.


My journey into bodywork started 2001 with the monday-yoga-sessions with my friend Rositta at Cafe Moskau in Berlin, which resulted in different yogic  trainings.

In 2007 I started with breath- and bodybased souling work by Martin Siems and learned the power of acknowledging the “is”.
In October 2008 my son was born and since then he demands on a daily and inspiring base to grow into a state of clarity, strenght and love.
2010 I came in contact with Kahuna-Bodywork, taught by Hookahi’i Tamara Stephens, and my dynamic and focus improved.

2011 I started learning to work and teach the energies of the Seraphim Blueprint by Ruth Rendely and got more fluidity and synchronicity.
2012 I tried the Grinberg-Methode as client and was  so impressed by t
he impact I started the school of 3 years: Now I am a certified Grinberg practitioner level II.

I am grateful to all my teachers, friends, clients, students and family.