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Loving Relating Workshop - Join the inner exploration

Would you like to DEEPER CONNECT to yourself and to your hearts calling? Have you ever experienced how LOVING PRESENCE helps you to feel seen and being understood when RELATING TO OTHERS? Would you like to STAY CONNECTED TO YOURSELF while opening to others, and respect your boundaries? COME AND JOIN THE INNER EXPLORATION: LOVING RELATING WORKSHOP Saturday, February 2nd, 14:00 - 18:30 ARE YOU CURIOUS? We invite you to explore the energy of the heart in this special event. Through Yoga, meditation, inquiry, movement, and through connecting we will deepen our understanding of how we relate to ourselves and to others. The path of exploring love and authenticity is beautiful, and we may also face some of our obstacles on the way. We focus on our EXPERIENCE. We won’t rationally discuss what love is, nor do we aim to ’teach’. Instead we will provide tools and hold space for you to come closer to loving presence and to meet yourself in your own heart. IN THIS WORKSHOP YOU MAY EXPLORE ‣ How to connect to yourself and listen to your hearts calling. ‣ How to open to truthful presence and how to allow more life and love flowing trough you. ‣ How a loving presence can save the relationship both with yourself and with others. ‣ How to stay connected with yourself and respect your boundaries while opening and connecting with another. Where? @ Die Basis - Körperzentrum Altona, Hospitalstrasse 44, HH When? Sat, February 2nd, 14:00 - 18:30 How much does it cost? 40 Euro (in advance), 46 € (at the venue) This workshop will be mostly held in easy understandable ENGLISH. Questions in German or in Swedish are welcome and understood as well :-) For further details please contact us on fb or via SAFE YOUR PLACE AND REGISTER NOW. Warmly welcome - just as you are! Loving greetings from Jan & Sofia

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